The Leather Queer Flag

Leather Queer Flag

The Flag is square representing equal sides for gay, straight, bi and pan sexual; sadist, masochist, dominate, submissive; and it has obvious inspiration. The colors and stripes are from the Leather Pride Flag-designed by Tony DuBlase in 1989- and the Triangle Symbol was pink in the original design. After some research I found out that during World War Two the upside-down triangle symbol was used not just to identify gay men, but lesbians and other “queer”/”unnatural”/”strange” groups-each with their own color. The red tone from the heart in the Leather Pride Flag is being used in the “Leather Queer” triangle to represent us as a group of our own, different but similar to others who don the Leather Pride Flag or the upside-down pink triangle to symbolize that part of their identity.

This is the Leather Queer Flag. It was created in 2007 by Julian Wolf as a banner for those of us whose sexual identity is Leather and/or BDSM: before everything else.


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